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Give Thanks for Unknown Blessings Already on Their Way

“Give Thanks for Unknown Blessings Already on Their Way”

-Native American Proverb

A number of years ago a friend (by the name of Diann Greener) made arrangements for me to interact with a Lakota Holy Man named Wendall Birdhead. We were on the front end of working on a project that needed an authentic Native American influence. Wendall was gracious enough to have three breakfast meetings with us.

To this day, I’m so thankful for the time we had together. For sharing his insight, perspective and devotional regard towards natural gifts given. He spoke eloquently of the ethnobotanical importance of plants, the sacredness of soil, the value and reliance upon accessibility to water. He touched upon the entrustment of passing such insights and rituals to the many, many generations to follow.

One of his favorite phrases was, “Don’t Worry It Will Be Good”.

Which he interjected throughout each and every conversation with a comforting and meditative tone of voice.

When I saw the Native American Proverb quoted above, it instantly reminded me of Wendall. In many respects, this is my Thanksgiving to him for his daily practice of Gratitude and Goodness.  Bringing to mind our own reliance upon Natural Gifts Given and many more Thanksgivings ahead all filled with “Blessings Already on Their Way.”

Happy Thanksgiving!

-Bryan Kinghorn and all of us at Kinghorn Gardens


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