People  |  July 28th, 2017

The Purple Polos: A Morning at the Shop

Each morning, a crew member’s day begins at the shop.

Some Purple Polos can be seen hustling around grabbing gear, others discussing their garden or design installation, all preparing for the work ahead of them in their gardens that day.

The teamwork amongst the purple polos shines as the crews help each other load tools and complete truck checks. Being a good teammate is an essential purple polo trait and helps the morning run smoothly.

Tire air, engine oil, and lights are all checked on every single truck before they leave the shop.

It’s also hard to miss the nursery team. They’re the ones staging plant material for install and gardening crews in the morning along with helping with anything that anyone needs to get them on the road. Once the crews leave, the nursery team is left to unload and organize plant material when it’s delivered, along with keeping the plants happy and healthy.

The purple polos take pride in having a clean truck and make sure they’re road ready before pulling out of the shop.

Safety is a priority throughout a gardener’s day and it starts in the morning at the shop. Not only with truck checks, but also when the gardeners go to leave. Each truck has a spotter, directing the driver as they back out of tight spaces.

The morning comes to a close as the purple polos set out to their garden, each one letting out a honk before they hit the road.


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