Creative Stormwater Management

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Mimics Nature

A dark and muddy side yard, not getting much use, plagued by standing water whenever it rained. It was heavily wooded, wet, and shaded most of the time, not making for much usable space or aesthetic appeal. Our designers accepted the challenge, first focusing on keeping rainwater away from the foundation of the house. Water pours from three roofs and almost an entire driveway so proper grading was a priority. The driveway water would really wash out the garden beds and with no sun for plants to hold their ground, it was quite a muddy mess most of the year. Digging and grading out along the property line for a dry river bed to catch all this water was almost necessary to protect the properties integrity. The number 1 principle in this project; water goes downhill. In nature after a rain, there are certain “natural dry river beds” that each rain helps define and create. We try to mimic those natural elements as best as humanly possible. The natural stone path helps blend the natural garden beds and the stunning architecture of the home.