Family Gathering Space

Project Year: 2020  |  Omaha, NE

Bringing Nature Near - Patio Meadow

Was time for a new deck and a way to bring the family together outdoors. We designed the deck so the family could view out into the garden without a heavy railing to have to look through and to help move people out into the garden more easily. The fire pit area at the bottom of the steps is close by so that it can be used while others grill and hang out in close proximity. With the fire pit in the gravel, surrounded by plantings it has a nature type feeling to the setting even though the deck is close by. This keeps the entire family together while giving options. The planting around the area is what we like to call a "stylized meadow" referencing a meadow in nature but with height and bloom timing controlled. Excited to add photos as the planting matures.