Projects  |  March 7th, 2014

Places & Spaces: Project Harmony Garden Update | Kinghorn Gardens

Checking back in with one of our favorite spaces, the Project Harmony restorative butterfly garden, still seems to be a hot topic with visitors and staff. With the long and cold winter months almost behind us, work can soon continue on this great outdoor space. Our checklist seems to be mostly in the same place as we left it back in November but the anticipation and excitement has definitely grown.



The turquoise wing-path and green butterfly body are all in place and the orange antennas are complete and were picked up this week.


Although the antennas are under wrap right now, you can see a hint of the pop of color yet to come – they are sure to make quite the statement atop the green butterfly body come spring!


With an early freeze that wouldn’t leave in November/December, teams were unable to get the leaf pavilion up this winter. Now it’s just a waiting game with Mother Nature as to see when the thaw will come. Once the ground is no longer rock solid the pavilion will be up and the Kinghorn planting team will move in to bring this garden to life.

Nate Huse, Account Executive at Kinghorn Gardens, and two-year veteran volunteer at Project Harmony is just as excited as the kids who get to use the space. Huse loves to give time to such an admirable operation, working mostly behind the scenes with administrative work. Huse found Project Harmony in an Omaha Magazine article and encourages anyone looking to share their time to team up with this organization. Huse did not originally plan to pitch the garden idea, but after seeing the space and potential it had, he offered up Kinghorn Gardens and Dropseed Studio’s expertise. Huse gushed about how wonderful it will be once the garden is complete; the back of the building is covered in windows so everyone inside will have a great view of this giant living art piece.

Check back with us this spring to see the Project Harmony butterfly garden in full bloom!

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