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Small Touches Make A Big Difference | Kinghorn Gardens

We are happy to share the thoughts of our Color Team on container plants.
They mention the small touches they provide daily that make a big difference!
The photos above are an example of their stunning projects.

I am into this beauty and function idea. Plants can be multipurpose! Let’s celebrate that seasonal color and feed the bees! Smell the dill and feed the caterpillars. Enjoy the blooms of a hydrangea one summer in a container, then watch it grow in the garden the next year. Surround a tomato plant with brightly colored flowers – you will feed your soul and your belly. More valuable plant choices make a huge difference.

When I am planting a container I make sure I have an idea of what I want it to look like.  Having a style direction is a small step to create an astonishing plant arrangement. Visualizing the desired outcome is important so you know what everything will look like once it is fully grown and blooming.  It effects the way you place the plants and how many you use.

Container plants are my favorites because they are often the first thing we see when we enter an outdoor space. I make sure to have the plant placed in a way that it would naturally grow in its normal environment.

One of my personal touches is to design a container with cascading or trailing foilage spilling over the sides. I especially love dichondra/silver falls.

We are honored to have a team of color pros who take pride in the small details.
It’s those small details that make the greatest difference.

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