Education, Habitat  |  January 30th, 2019

The Two Most Critical Parts of Turf Success | Kinghorn Gardens

We believe the two most critical parts of turf management are controlling the nutrient intake and monitoring irrigation. Our Turf Manager, Andy, shares a deeper look into why we focus on these specific activities at Kinghorn Gardens.

Applying the proper nutrient level does more to improve poor quality turf grass or maintain good quality turf grass than any other management practice.
Proper fertilization practices can produce a dense, green turf that resists pests and environmental stresses.
Careless applications and excessive amounts of fertilizer applied at the wrong time of year can result in serious turf damage and contamination of water resources.

Nitrogen fertilizers can be divided into two categories: quick release and slow release.
Quick release, hence the name, is available to the turf immediately.
Slow release fertilizers will break down over a period of several weeks, possibly months.
This allows better control of the release of nitrogen available to the turf which reduces runoff for contamination and avoids excessive grow.

Early spring and late fall irrigation is generally not necessary, unless the weather is abnormally warm and dry.
More turf problems arise from overwatering than underwatering.
Over-watering only produces shorter roots which causes more stress and possibly turf loss in the summer months.
Turf grass generally requires 1-inch of water a week to stay strong and healthy.
Allowing your turf grass roots to penetrate deep into the soil in the spring only prepares itself for a less stressful summer.

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