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A Few of Our Favorites: Spring-Blooming Bulbs | Kinghorn Gardens

Fall is here if you can believe it and we can’t wait to plant bulbs to create a beautiful show in your garden come spring. Here’s just a few of our favorite spring-blooming bulbs…



I think camassia is so much fun!  Blooming anywhere from April to May, it is very reliable and tall. This bulb can also be a wonderful fresh cut flower.



Snowdrops announce the arrival of spring. They are the first plants that appear while the ground is still covered in snow. You can look at them as a symbol of purity and hope. For me, a garden without snowdrops is not complete.



My favorite bulb is Scilla siberica. It’s a great bulb to add into ground covers for a blanket of blue flowers in the spring. Blue is a very odd and surprising color to see in spring which is why it stands out to me. I love that it keeps multiplying and spreading so each year you have more and more flowers!


Allium globemaster

My favorite bulb is the allium globe master. I like it because of how tall it gets (3-4 feet) which makes the giant round purple flower really eye catching and it adds a fun whimsical touch to any garden!



One of my favorite super early spring bulbs is the snowdrop. It literally blooms when there’s snow on the ground! This bulb is super hardy and naturalizes well. A great combo when underplanted with early blooming Witch Hazel shrubs.



I love the hyacinth.  They smell so good and come in a variety of colors.  They are also an interesting bouquet shape, adding a bit of texture to the gardens in spring.



I really like Lycoris. You may know them as surprise lilies. They are not much to look at in the spring as they only show foliage. It then dies back to the ground and is forgotten. Then, BAM! Beautiful flowers appear out of nowhere. The flowers explode with effortless pops of color in the late summer/fall.

Thalia daffodil

The Thalia Daffodil is the best bulb because it’s reliable and very classy! The pure white, flower head stays upright and looks great when paired with aspen or white birch amongst blooming vinca.



My favorite bulb right now is crocus. You can interplant it with the lawn and it’s the first bulb to come up. There are so many different colors and they come back every year.


Grape Hyacinth

Great things come in small packages and that’s why I’m fond of the miniature bulbs, often referred to as minor bulbs.  From my perspective, they are anything but minor since one can get major seasonal enjoyment from them as winter turns to spring. One of my favorite miniature bulbs is Grape Hyacinth. The deep blue color planted in sweeps brings ground plane splendor to the landscape and  I love seeing them play off of white birch or sycamore trunks.


If you haven’t ordered your spring bulbs consider some of our favorites, contact a Purple Polo at 402-457-6492 so we can plant them yet this fall.

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