Landscape Architecture

Our Vision

Our studio is founded on the collaboration of landscape architecture and horticulture. We intentionally share our studio with a team of horticulturists, professional gardeners and craftsmen and are continually collaborating with this interdisciplinary team throughout the design process to leverage their hands-on expertise with the technical precision and creativity of our design team. Our innovation is rooted in the fundamentals of sound horticulture, genuine regard for place, and rigorous attention to materials and how they come together. The result is enduring, resilient, and beautiful landscapes.

Our work is not defined by a particular style but rather evolves from the inspiration of place and the aspirations of the client. We approach each project as an opportunity for place making - revealing experiences and perspectives that didn’t exist before. Landscapes are amazing when they are immersive and offer opportunities for people to connect to nature and one another throughout the seasons and over time. We are passionate about designing outdoor spaces that are memorable and fun and benefit the lives of our clients and our community.

Our approach is collaborative. We are skilled at developing a collective vision and communicating effectively among various stakeholders throughout the design process and in the field. We are experienced and dedicated to providing quality service that meets the client’s budget and schedule.

Our Services

Kinghorn Gardens is a full-service landscape architecture provider. We specialize in residences, estates, parks, restoration projects, urban design and multi-use developments, including new construction and renovation projects. Our services range from conceptual design, design development, construction documentation and construction observation and coordination.

Our Team

The landscape architecture studio at Kinghorn Gardens is led by Jenika Florence, a licensed landscape architect. Jenika is a Nebraska native who grew up in Lincoln and received her Bachelor of Science in Horticulture degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She brings robust design experience and education from the Bay Area in California where she received her master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of California-Berkeley. Prior to returning to Nebraska Jenika worked for EinwillerKuehl, an Oakland based landscape architecture firm and significant emerging design voice in the region. Jenika is a strategic and thoughtful designer with a meticulous sense of craft. She is continually inspired and renewed by off the beaten path travel and adventures outdoors.

Jenika Florence

Landscape Architect
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