People  |  April 2nd, 2014

Gal Behind the Garden: Jen Thiele | Kinghorn Gardens


Jen Thiele, Seasonal Color Specialist

Joined the Team in September 2007

On the job:

I create beautiful experiences that embrace the season. Everything from mending the soil to hanging wreaths. And composing lush spaces inside the home is my specialty.

Favorite Plant:

Being a Horticulturalist, it seems impossible to choose!  However I would have to go with spring flowers in general.  Just when you think you couldn’t take another day of dreary cold weather, a crocus pops its head up and puts a smile on your face.  Forsythias have a surprising way of making your day.

What does the Purple Polo mean to you?

A community that shares a goal.  The color of our polo is a visual reminder of teamwork!

Where did you get your green thumb?

Developed it through trial and error.  It wasn’t always so green; I’m sure when I started it looked quite sickly and brown.

Your outdoor space:

Nature at its finest, along with too many weeds to count.  I have many fruiting shrubs and I focus mainly on edible plants.

Favorite food:

The sweetest of the sweet; Local honey!  It goes with almost anything.


I love capturing moments.  Photography is a great way to appreciate a particular view or a simple moment and keep a memory alive.

Favorite outdoor experience:

Every year I hope that by chance I end up outside on a bright sunny day, and out of no where it starts to rain.  It’s the best feeling ever.

Gotta-have-it gardening tool:

My hands are the most useful tool I could ever ask for.  While at home I find myself forgoing a spade to dig in the dirt.  I think it comes from my adolescence, playing in the mud is a favorite past time.

Gardening inspiration:

Nature is the best teacher.  There are so many different aspects to plant ecology, you just have to take a look at the fine work set forth by nature and find the reason behind it.

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