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Gal Behind the Garden: Michele Kinghorn | Kinghorn Gardens

Michele Kinghorn

Michele Kinghorn, Vice President

Joined the team in November 1999

On the job:

I primarily focus on the administrative tasks necessary to serve our clients and employee’s needs.

Garden guru from:

My background is in psychology. I attended Creighton University in Omaha for my undergraduate and graduate work. I earned a BS in psychology and a Masters in Counseling. The interest in people has actually led to my desire to work in the business. I am interested in the meaning that gardens provide for people of all ages.

Favorite flora:

My favorite plant is the Red Pine. It is the state tree of Minnesota (where I grew up). As a child I have fond memories of wandering through a pine forest and listening to the sound of the wind whisper through the trees. I also loved to look up and see the orange-red color of the bark towards the top of the trees.

What does the Purple Polo mean to you?

Whenever I see the purple shirts I am reminded how fortunate I feel to be of service to others in helping them find the restorative power of plants and gardens.

Where did you get your green thumb?

As I reflect, I would say that much of my interest in nature and gardens come from my family.  I remember seeing my grandparents tend to their crops and vegetable garden on the farm with such loving care.  I enjoyed following my grandmother around and helping (actually mostly eating) harvest strawberries from their vast garden.

Hidden talent:

Though I am out of practice, I can juggle three tennis balls.

Celebrity garden crush:

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Favorite outdoor experience:

My favorite experiences involve enjoying the outdoors with my two favorite guys – my husband and our son.  A family trip this past summer involved hiking in the mountains around Estes Park.  Beautiful!!

Gotta-have-it gardening tool:

I believe that the best tools are our five senses.  If we take the time to look out, up and around the garden space; take a slow deep breath and enjoy the fragrances of the space; be still and listen to the symphony of sound; then taste the fresh ripe fruit of the serviceberry tree; and feel the softness of the leaf of a lamb’s ear perennial; you can learn volumes about the landscape you find yourself in.

If you were in a pie-eating contest what flavor would you choose?

Definitely strawberry-rhubarb

Anything else you feel compelled to tell the world?

Gardens can be experienced as a transformative and healing place for people. There is a beautiful power in the interaction of people with gardens and plants.

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