Community, Habitat  |  February 18th, 2019

Landscapes Need to Be More Than Just Pretty | Kinghorn Gardens

How We View Design

Our Design Team shares their thoughts on why landscapes need to be more than just pretty. Each presents a different viewpoint, creating a well-rounded vision to share with our clients.
Their reflections below incorporate our core values as a company: Habitat, Community, Simplicity and Stewardship.

“Landscapes need to be more than pretty, they need to engage people.  Young people, old people and everyone in-between.  We need to create gardens that are interactive to those who inhabit the space.  Children need spaces to explore. Sparks to awaken their imagination like dirt to play in, worms to find, and fruits and vegetables to harvest! Adults need a place to retreat. Our spaces provide dirt to move for therapy, veggies and herbs to cook with and a sense of calm in a hectic world.  Landscapes looking pretty is a bonus, but not the only key to a successful garden space.”

“I always wondered why people would take time off work, pack their bags, and travel to places of beauty and then come home and not create that same sort of feeling at their own everyday space. If you visit the National Parks or a garden bistro in Paris, why couldn’t you have landscapes that bring that feeling home, if even just a little bit. These spots we travel to are not worried about what the neighbor might think, they create emotional connections and lasting memories. If designed correctly, these spaces can help us reconnect with those same emotions and memories within our own part of the world that ultimately the neighbor will enjoy anyway. After work, vacation at home.”

“The contribution that landscapes have to our quality of life is ever increasing. Landscapes are more than places for memorable life moments and respite. They are filtering water, conserving energy, providing habitat, fostering pollinators, encouraging healthy transit, creating sense of place, and so on. Landscapes are conceived and designed as systems. And this approach allows for more strategic management of the landscapes, which means the resources required for ongoing care are less. The power of landscapes to support more healthful and fulfilling lifestyles and environments is being wielded larger and I think that’s exciting.”

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