People  |  January 31st, 2016

New Purple Polo Alert! Meet Sarah! | Kinghorn Gardens


We are excited to introduce one of our newest leadership members, Sarah Cross! She has been supervising the color department, and a member of the purple polos since October of last year.

How did you hear about Kinghorn Gardens?

From my good buddy Addie Kinghorn.

How do you feel about the color purple?

It’s nice; it’s new!

What are you looking forward to most at your new job?

Learning new plants

What have you done in the horticulture world previous to this job?

A little bit of school and retail. I worked in a retail nursery for 8 years. I love to garden and grow veggies.

Where did you get your green thumb?

I’m not sure because my mom can’t keep anything alive!

What is your favorite season in the garden and why?

Fall because the color and because you get to harvest. (Spoken like a true Color Team Coordinator)

How long have you been working with plants?

10 years

What do you think is the impost important part of the garden?

Having shade.

Any hidden talents?

I can wiggle my ears.

What show can you binge watch?

Law and Order. (Can’t we all.)

If you were in a speed-eating contest what food would you want it to be?

Pizza… or pickles.

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