Townhome Courtyard

Project Year: 2019  |  Omaha, NE

From Non-Useable Space to Secret Courtyard

The home was purchased in a neighborhood where garden space is at a premium. Fortunately this house came with an area that wasn't used to its fullest potential. This non-useable lawn area on the outside of the brick wall had no access from the house. Also, this house's front garden was only a brick courtyard lined with 2 foot wide planting spaces next to two of the walls. So we designed a secret, surprise courtyard that you can only see and get to once you've entered the front walled-in courtyard. We started by taking down the iron bars and leveled the ground using a reclaimed brick retaining wall to give this space a leveled area to hang out in. As this secret courtyard matures the space will get more and more intimate and truly become an oasis in this tightly packed neighborhood!