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Guy Behind the Garden: Nate Huse | Kinghorn Gardens

Nate Huse, Landscape Designer, APLD

Joined the Team in October 2003

On the job:

I enjoy and understand how bringing together ART & SCIENCE can make a garden special not only to its specific environment but also to the client’s need to find peace.

Garden Guru from:

I’ve been growing and planting my own garden since I could walk. Started my career as a young adult with 7 years experience at Earl May in Sioux City, IA and an Associate of Applied Science Degree at Norfolk, NE. I am certified by the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) as well as numerous tours of many gardens and visits to several State and National Parks.

Favorite plant:

My thinking is….. how do you pick a favorite anything…. Like cars, plants all have a specific function and beauty! Favorite for what application?? Like for example: If you were looking for a native shade tree here in Omaha that supported the most species of life, had amazing form/character, has great American history, can tolerate Nebraska’s adverse weather (flood and drought) and, grows in compacted soil…… I would pick a Bur Oak.

What does the purple polo mean to you?

Safety and trust for the clients. Being part of a team and or family…. like jerseys for a sports team!

Your outdoor space:

My home garden looks as though a very large excavator scooped a piece of the Nebraska/Iowa prairie and placed it in very well defined bed lines. Many of my plants I have grown from seeds. I have collected seeds from prairie plants all over the area! You would not believe the wildlife and color my little piece of American property provides. My daughter is always finding and exploring new wonders of nature. I don’t water and don’t need to… My plants are ones that don’t like water and perform amazingly without. If the plants do not make it through the seasons they are not the right fit.

Where did you get your green thumb?

I truly believe I inherited my green thumb from my Grandpa Fitzgerald a true American family farmer!

Favorite food:

For me it is pizza and ripe watermelon


Being a Dad to 2 very special girls

Gotta-have-it gardening tool:

A plan!

What do you like to do in your at home garden:

I’m down to some simple editing of my prairie style garden….sooo really just watching it evolve over the seasons.

If you were in a pie-eating contest what flavor would you choose?


Least favorite garden critter:

Bunnies really get me down when you grow things from seed and are excited that they are working and a bunny takes it down in seconds.

Favorite garden quote:

“He who plants a tree plants hope.” – Lucy Larcom

One thing you can’t live without:

My Family, but quite literally oxygen. So trees would be my most literal answer.

Purple Polo Pro Tip:

The more desirable plants the less weeding and care. I’ve NEVER come across someone that said they love weeding and just love to touch and interact with mulch…. SOOOO why aren’t we mulching like nature, with plants! I have also never come across a forest or natural setting where the plants chop/chip themselves up and lay them around their feet….I just haven’t.


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