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The Netherlands or Nebraska? | Kinghorn Gardens

After taking one step into this spring garden and I didn’t feel like I was in Nebraska anymore, but like I had been swept far away, to the Netherlands perhaps. While tulips didn’t originate in the Netherlands, it has become one of the things the country is most well-known for. Today, over half of the country’s land is used for horticulture, with much of that land dedicated to growing bulbs.

Lisse, Netherlands

Our story all begins last fall when our Design Team visited this garden, took some photos and made some notes. 

Fall 2017

The client wanted a colorful spring display that brightened up the garden and trusted our design knowledge and creativity to get the job done. After getting back to the office, our team got to work on selecting a palette that would create a beautiful spring splash. Warm tones were chosen, along with a beautiful shade of lavender thrown into the mix.

The display was designed to create a layering effect and the selections include a variety of tulips, double and lily flowering. Eight Purple Polos and 6,400 bulbs later, the beds were planted last fall. The bulbs were spaced tightly together to create a full impact.  

We enjoy getting to see all of our entire team’s hard work, from Design, Seasonal Color, and Gardening, come to fruition when fall planted bulbs bloom. While there isn’t instant gratification after planting, bulbs are worth the wait and this display was just magnificent, to say the least.  

Want to bring the Netherlands to your garden? We’d love to plan a colorful spring for you next year. Contact our Design Team to get on our list for spring bulbs. Need some ideas for your spring garden next year? Follow us on Instagram to see some of this year’s color combinations.






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