Dropseed Studio

Kinghorn Gardens and Dropseed Studio work together under one roof to bring you the best of each of their specialties

Dropseed Studio exists to embrace environmental challenges. We find creative solutions with responsible horticultural practices. Whatever the landscape, be it a streetscape, backyard, plaza, or neighborhood, Dropseed Studio will partner with you to create the best outcome.


Responsible Horticulture Design

Understanding the relevance of plant communities and how they interact in context and to climatic influences

Professional Landscape Architecture Consulting

Providing design service in areas of master planning, site development, stormwater management, and construction observation. Professional License in Nebraska.

Kinghorn Gardens

Project Installation

Provided by a Team of Professionals who fully understand the Science and Express the Art

Landscape Management

Everything from four Season Care to Customized Service Visits

Seasonal Color Compositions

Announcing the seasons with Container Gardening and Bedding