Education  |  April 9th, 2020

The Wonder of Spring | Kinghorn Gardens

Spring fills us with wonder.  Not in the ‘feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful’ kind of way.  More along the lines of ‘what can I plant in my empty containers’ kind of way.  Our Seasonal Color Crew have created some of their favorite fool proof Spring Container combinations.  

Pansy, Lamium & Azalea

Dusty Miller, Yarrow & Buttercup

Viola, Coralbell & Sweetflag

Lettuce, Blue Fescue & Foxglove

Pincushion Flower, Swiss chard & Feather Grass

The possibilities are truly endless, any of the above combinations are interchangeable. Add forced Tulip, Daffodil or Hyacinth bulbs as a wonderful companion.  

These plants are chosen specifically for Spring Containers because they can all tolerate cooler temperatures.  Even more fun, the combinations that include perennials will extend the life of the container because the perennials bloom later into the season.  The added benefit of using perennials is that you can transplant them into your garden beds at the end of the season to enjoy for years to come.  The same is true for shrubs.  Azalea were mentioned, but you can also use Lilac, Blueberry, Mock Orange, etc..  

Have fun and enjoy your Spring Containers!


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