Education  |  April 2nd, 2020

Turn to Nature | Kinghorn Gardens

Let’s face it, change is hard.  COVID-19 has created many changes for each and every one of us and our routines.  Changes to our routine can leave us feeling lost, stressed and unsure of ourself.  With gyms closed, many of us are left with added stress because we are no longer able to work out the tension of our day.  Thankfully we can turn to nature to help us reduce our stress and maintain our health.  Here are some ways to bring nature near (really near) to us:

  • Get a plant!  A simple house plant can provide stress relief and improve the air you breathe inside of your home.
  • Explore your own!  Nature is all over your own backyard.  Take time to explore each corner, engage all of your senses and then relax a little.

  • Grow a salad!  Salad bowls containing different varieties of lettuce are fast and easy to grow.  The lettuce can be harvested for lunch in just 4 weeks.  Add some herbs for diversity.
  • Grow your own fruit!  Even apartment dwellers can utilize new varieties of small space fruit plants on your balcony or patio.  Self pollinating dwarf apple trees can produce fruit in their first year.  Self pollinating cherry, peach and apricot trees are also available.  Raspberry shortcake bushes are thornless and produce an abundance of sweet fruit.
  • Get to the root of it!  Both potatoes and carrots are easily grown in containers and produce bountiful harvests for you to enjoy later in the season.

  • Go miniature!  Create a Garden Bowl using miniature conifers and other favorite garden plants.  Watch the garden grow and develop throughout the season.
  • Draw nature in!  Install feeders and watch the diversity of birds and squirrels that stop by for a snack.

These simple encounters with nature can lower our blood pressure, our heart rate, muscle tension and our cortisol (a stress hormone) levels.  Viewing photos of nature can produce similar results so keep the in mind as we are working form home.  Nature is a great distraction, often helping us forget the anxiety that may be hindering our daily lives.  Contact us if you would like help implementing and of these ideas.

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