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Holiday Decor: Using Plants from Your Own Garden | Kinghorn Gardens

Our Seasonal Color Team has been putting the finishing touches on winter containers and we wanted to share some of the natural elements you can use for your holiday home decor. Whether you’re looking to spice up an outside container or deck the inside of your home, here are some of the plants you can find in your very own backyard to decorate this season. These plants are local, natural, and last longer than some of the plants you can buy at a greenhouse because they’re harvested from your backyard.

Yellow and Red Twig Dogwood

Add a vertical element and color to winter containers or home vases.


This is a beautiful accent in containers, wreaths, and garland. The bright blue pops of juniper add a wonderful scent and it is a great source of food for wildlife.


Cut winterberry branches with berries to use in wreaths, vases, garland, or containers. This is also another food source for birds and wildlife.


Beautyberry can also be used as an accent piece in wreaths and containers. While it’s not a traditional holiday color, the purple berries are a great surprise!

Ornamental Grasses

Grasses can be taken from your own yard and then planted back in the spring. They have a modern, natural look and can be spray painted to suit your color scheme. Grasses can be used in a container the whole season and not just for the holidays too.

Pine Cones and Acorns

For a traditional touch, add pinecones to a large bowl, outside container, wreath, or garland. They display great texture and can also be painted different festive colors to make a big statement.

Hedge Apples

Using hedge apples from an Osage-Orange tree is a great way to take something that doesn’t have a use and make it your next conversation piece. The modern green hue looks great in a large bowl or basket and they add a wonderful scent to your home. Hedge apples can also be a used as a centerpiece in a container with wintergreens, pine cones, and a bit of juniper!

Crabapple Branches

Crabapple branches can be added for pops of red to containers and garland. They are a great use of what you have in your own yard and are another food source for wildlife.

Birch Branches


Even though the trend is to use the logs, we recommend using the branches. They can be used as a natural element in containers in just about any arrangement. You can also paint them if you want to add a little something extra, like a pop of gold or silver.


Again, using something natural that you have in your own yard, the dried flower heads of hydrangeas can be used in trees and wreaths. We’ve also seen them spray painted to add a more modern look.


Add boxwood to your containers and dress them up with other natural elements like crabapple branches and fresh greens. Also, a boxwood container can easily be transitioned to spring by adding pansies and tulips.

We hope you can use some of the plants in your garden to decorate this holiday season.

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